About Akluj

Akluj is a beautiful place and well-known town in Solapur District, Maharashtra, India. It has received the award of the best Grampanchyat in Asia. Though it is a village, it possesses urbanity in various ways. The well-organized infrastructures, international-level facilities such as banking, trading, hospitals, industries and education have made it a semi-city. The new projects such as Sayajiraje Waterpark, Multimedia Laser Show, Shiv Srushti, Anandnagar Temple and many more are the major attractions for the tourists.

Aklai Devi

The name Akluj owes its origin to the Goddess Aklai, whose temple in the town is a fine example of contemporary architecture. Legend says that the idol of the deity was discovered by the shepherds in the Nira river. Today, the temple is a prime tourist destination in Akluj.

Anandi Ganesh Temple

The exquisitely crafted Anandi Ganesh Temple in Anandnagar, the locality of Akluj, is also a prime tourist attraction. Apart from the magnificent idol of Lord Ganesha, a beautiful garden as well as clean and fresh air add magnificence to the tourism value of the place.


Among the rulers who have made Maharashtra proud, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj undoubtedly ranks at the top. He was not only a great warrior but an efficient administrator as well. It was during his era that art and architecture flourished, culture blossomed, the economy prospered and patriotism reached its pinnacle. The life and time of Shivaji Maharaj are interesting indeed which have been vividly recreated at the place called Shiv Shrushti in the fort of Akluj.