Extra Curriculum Achievement of Students

1 Jadhav Chaitanya(TY) Winner First Prize in Project Competition In Pune region Mechanical Engineering. View Photos
Kadam Sambhaji(TY)
Kadam Shubham(TY)
Bodhale Abhijeet(TY)
2 TY Mech-2015 Runner Up in Kho-Kho at IEDSSA
3 Joshi Utkarsh Umesh(TY) Winner in Relay 100m & 200m
4 TY Mech-2016 Runner Up in Kho-Kho at IEDSSA
5 Game Satyawan Sambhaji(SY) Winner in Running 400m at IEDSSA
6 Deshmukh Vishal(TY) Runner up in paper presentation at SIET,Paniv Computer Engineering
7 Patil Pooja(SY) Runner up in Dig the Bug event at state Level Technofest-2K15
8 Aarti Bhosale(TY) Winner in Paper Presentation event at state Level Technofest-2K15
Jadhav Swati(TY)
9 Phule Snehal(SY) Winner in Dig the Bug event at national Level Technofest-2K16
10 Gandhi Aishwarya(SY) Runner up in Dig the Bug event at national Level Technofest-2K16
11 Mule Aishwarya(SY) Runner Up in Paper Presentation event at national Level Technofest-2K16
Kolhe Snehal(SY)
12 Shinde Sourabh(TY) Winner in Project Exibition event at national Level Technofest-2K16
Shedage shubham(TY)
Yajgar Santosh(TY)
13 Mane Karan(FY) Winner in LAN Gaming event at national Level Technofest-2K16
14 Pimpale Rajvardhan(SY) Runner up in LAN Gaming event at national Level Technofest-2K16

Extra Curriculum Activities






1 "English Communication & soft skills Training Programme" for [Diploma] students Date:15th Dec 2014 to 20th Dec 2014. 30 View Photos
2 A two days workshop on "Robotics"in association with Campus Component Bhubaneswar on 26th & 27th August 2013. 79 View Photos
3 A two days workshop on "Robotics" in association with Webnet Infotech Pvt.Ltd. under the guidance of ELANí2014, IIT Hyderabad on 21st & 22nd February 2014. 32 View Photos

4 15-Dyas Industrial Training on ".Net & Introduction to Website Preperation" at "Greenfingers ITSolutions pvt. Ltd,Akluj"", at 25th December,2013 for [Computer] students. 06
5 Industrial Visit to "Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Mohite- Patil Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. Shankarnagar-Akluj", at 17th April,2012-13 for [Computer] students. 22
6 Industrial Visit to "Greenfingers ITSolutions pvt. Ltd,Akluj", at 17th March,2013-14 for [Computer] students. 22
7 2 day workshop on "manufacturing technology" on 16/09/2014


8 Guest lecture on "awareness of competative exam" on 02/08/2014.


9 Industrial Visit to "SMSMPSSKL.Akluj" ,on 04/10/2014 for [Mechanical] Students.

10 Industrial visit to "Webinise Pvt. Ltd.Pune",on 04/10/2014 for [Computer] Students.

11 Two days workshop on "Manufacturing Technology" by D.K. Academy Pune. 52
12 Industrial visit to "Precision camshaft Ltd. solapur" 52
13 Industrial visit to "Thermax India Pvt. Ltd. Solapur". 52
14 Industrial visit to "Srujan Foods Pvt. Ltd. Solapur". 52
15 Guest Lecture on "3D printing as revolution in design and manufacturing" By Mr. Ameya Khambete (Marketing Manager) CAD/CAM Guru Solutions Pvt.Ltd. 52
16 Guest Lecture on"Industry Expectation from Freshers & Importance of soft skills Communication".By Mr.Sachidanand Kulkarni(HR,Webonise lab) All Students

17 Guest Lecture on "Role of Library in Modern Age". All Students View Photos

18 2 days workshop on "PHP" for [Computer] students. 63

19 Guest Lecture on "Preparation for Competetive Examinations". All Student

20 Guest Lecture on"Advanced Mechatronics System" on 25/07/2015 by Mr.Suhas Gadekar Pune for [Mechanical] students. 60

21 Industrial visit to "Feelssoft Baramati", on 8/9/2015 for [Computer] students. 57

22 Industrial visit to "SMSMPSSK,Ltd-Yashwantnagar", on 10/09/2015 for [Computer] students 35

23 Industrial visit to " Digvijay Automobiles", Akluj on 21/09/2015 for [Mechanical] students. 60

24 Industrial visit to "Indo German Tool Room" at MSME -Tool Room IGTR P-31 MIDC ,Chikalthana ,Aurangabad on 17/07/2015 for [Mechanical] students. 50

25 Guest Lecture on"Auto CAD use in Industry" on 05/09//2015 by Mr. Pawar Pune for [Mechanical] students. 60

26 Guest Lecture on "Interview Techniques & Quantitative Aptitude" on 18/08/2015 by Mr. Avinash Kamble Pune for [Mechanical] students. 61

27 Workshop on "Manufacturing Technology" on 15/08/2015 & 16/08/2015 by Mr. Katkar D.S.& Mr.Suryawanshi A.K. Pune for [Mechanical] students. 60

28 Industrial visit to "J.K IcePlant " at M.I.D.C MIRAJ on 12/01/2016 for [Mechanical] students. 60

29 Industrial visit to "Samrudhi industry Ltd " at M.I.D.C.Kupwad Dist Sangali on 13/01/2016 for [Mechanical] students. 60

30 Industrial visit to "Uday Enggineering Ltd " at Shalini nagar kupwad Dist:sangali on 13/01/2016 for [Mechanical] students. 60

31 Industrial visit to "Mahabal metals pvt.Ltd." at M.I.D.C Miraj on 13/01/2016 for [Mechanical] students. 60

32 Industrial visit to "Samurai Technology,Baramati on 20/01/2016 for [Computer] students. 50

33 Industrial visit to "Anscent Software solution on 30/01/2016 for [Computer] students. 30

34 Industrial visit to " Dreams Ultimate Solutions on 20/02/2016 for [Computer] students. 50

35 Workshop on "Open Source Technology and Android Apps" was organized by Mr Vikram Devkate( Anscent software solution, Baramati )from 04/03/2016 to 05/03/2016 for [Computer] students. 20